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When Apple Valley Restaurant and Village was founded over 30 years ago by Ed and Gretel Metzger, it was a fulfillment of a dream Ed had when he was a boy to recapture the essence of a special place in Califorinia called Apple Valley, where cowboy singers Roy Rogers and his wife Dale Evans lived. Metzger knew that one day he wanted a place that would represent all the values that are uniquely American. He knew he would call that place, Apple Valley.

When Metzger and his family aquired property in Milford, Pennsylvania, Metzger's ideas about his dream began to take shape. First, there was a pancake house, a motel, and some cabins on the property. Gretel worked at the motel. Soon after they married, the Apple Valley dream began to take shape. The pancake house was transformed into Apple Valley Restaurant and the cabins became the stores.

The concept of the village took shape within a tranquil country sanctuary, with ponds, a waterfall, rolling meadow, fruit trees and evergreens, in keeping with the theme of Milford, which has been designated as Tree City U.S.A. for over 12 years. Ducks and geese roam freely and they like it so much they never go south for the winter. Stop by to feed them. You can buy feed for them at Country Boys.

Celebrities, such as country singer Reba McIntyre, have come by Apple Valley Restaurant in their strech limos. John Gotti once tipped a waitress $150.00. Movie producer, David Madison (pictured above), who filmed "End of the Night" in the area in 1995, stops by regularly. He found some cast members for his movie in Milford at a casting call just down the street from Apple Valley. He said he is planning other movies in the future to be filmed in the area.

Big Dan, an 11-foot tall Alaskan brown bear, towers over Ted Metzger, big game guide and master fisherman at Metzger's Pike County Outfitters. Dan, a big-game bear, is named after Daniel Boone, an early American frontiersman. Dan is one of the larger bears on record.

Pike County Outfitters features fishing supplies, a fly fishing pro shop, live bait, lures, boats, camping supplies, and a wide variety of hunting and other outdoor equipment.

Metzger also offers expert advice on hunting and fishing and where to find the best spots for camping, hunting and fishing in the area. He is a licenced Wyoming game guide and recently found a hot spot on the Delaware River, where he and his brother Steve caught 30 small mouth bass in a single day. It's the kind of relaxed, uncluttered store, designed as an Adirondack lodge, where men and women like to shop for gifts, a favorite lure, outdoor wear, canoes and boats, and even share an occasional "Big Fish" story.

Apple Valley Restaurant is the flagship of the village, offering American Comfort food. The nostalgia theme was developed over 30 years ago, when the Metzgers searched all over the country and Canada for items that captured the weathered, timless spirit of America. It's all about keeping traditions alive, the pioneer spirit and American values of hospitality and comfort.

Apple Valley Restaurant and Alley Oops Pub, which offers music after 9 P.M. on weekends, is run by the Metzgers son Steve. The food is reasonbly priced  American Comfort style. You'll love the apple pie in a crock with ice cream. 

The ambiance is perfect for relaxed dining,  perfect for family, friends, a stopping off place while traveling through, or a business lunch.. The locals arean interesting mix of rural folk and New York, Long Island, Pennsylvania, and New Jerseyites from more metro areas.

A very affordable menu features fabulous barbeque items, chicken and ribs, a full selection of burgers, including a build your own burger where you get to choose the toppings, nachos, sandwiches, salads and more. The steaks, seafood and dessert are worth travelling for and the portions are generous. Chef Mike Goudreau's cajun and bayou specials are just a part of the extraordinary American Comfort style of cooking that attracts people locally and from all over the world.

Celebreties occasionally stop by while traveling through. John Gotti once left the waitress a $150 tip and country singer Reba McIntire has stopped by to unwind because the place is a good getaway.

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To contact Apple Valley Restaurant, the Family Restaurant,
call (570) 296-6831
"Where Friends and Family Meet and Prime Ribs Can't Be Beat"

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